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Timothy Ryerson
Post Production / Marketing
Tim Ryerson

Timothy Ryerson is certified by Apple in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, previously certified as a Final Cut Studio Master Pro with certifications in six Final Cut Pro applications, and also works extyensively in the Blender 3D Modeling and Graphics as well as the Adobe Creative Suite with After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Certification History.


A graduate of the film program at the University of Southern California, Tim was Director of Programming at Showtime Networks and moved to Denver to launch the Starz networks as VP of Programming. Tim has taught Film/Video Business and Film History as an adjunct faculty member at the Colorado Film School and has directed two independent feature films.  Contact Tim.

Rich Lerner
Director of Photography
Rich Lerner, Director of Photography

Rich Lerner is a Director of Photography with a strong career emphasis on documentary production. He has lensed shows for "Nova", "Nature" and "National Geographic." In his  many years of experience he has shot everything from feature films (such as the  thrillers)  "Throttle" and "Juncture" to science, nature, and social documentaries, including the Academy Award-winning "A Story of Healing." In addition, Rich has shot numerous music videos and commercials. He has lived off the land in the high Canadian Arctic with an Inuit family while documenting their lives and spent months filming Walrus and birds in the wilderness of Nunavet, Canada. Rich has also traveled to over 50 countries on filming assignments.    Contact Rich.

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